Press Release – November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

Searching For Snowmen comes to Spokane area.

Now Available at Auntie’s Bookstore in Downtown Spokane

From November 16, 2018- Jan 2, 2019  $2 from each book sale will be donated to the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Centers.


Locally Published Book about Snowmen Hits Store Shelves
(For Immediate Release, December 26, 2017)

A new children’s book, Searching for Snowmen, has been published locally by Valdez author
Matt Kinney.

The book’s setting and themes will be familiar to residents of coastal Alaska. Mountains, snow,
glaciers, and evergreen forests are the backdrop for the adventures of fictional Lucy Sluff, who
researches snowmen in their natural habitat.

Kinney, who is also the author of a ski guide to the Valdez area said, “I have already written a
book about snow for adults. Now, I’ve written a book about snow for kids. The winter world is
fascinating and beautiful and I’ve attempted in this book to pass on my love for this snowy
environment to youngsters.”

In the book, Sluff shares her encounters and observations of the elusive snowman and reveals
surprising facts about this species’ migration routes, behaviors, and even how they are born.
“My book introduces young readers to science through observation and I incorporated
concepts of habitat and ecology to encourage children to become more aware of their natural

Kinney alludes to snow science and uses wordplay to engage young readers. The book is
illustrated by Valdez resident Erica Shirk. She chose charcoal as her medium to best depict
Alaska’s winter palette. Images include mountains and scenes from the Chugach Mountains.
Kinney also notes, “I am pleased to introduce Lucy Sluff, a smart and dedicated female scientist,
to the world and I am already mapping out her next adventure.”