Matt Kinney, Author
Author Matt Kinney moved to Valdez, Alaska in 1979. He published Backcountry Skiing: Valdez and Thompson Pass in 2008. He was a backcountry ski guide in the Chugach Range for 25 years. He is a Professional Member of the American Avalanche Association. Matt’s collection of essays about snow and other topics can be found in the White Room at www.thompsonpass.com.

Erica Olive Shirk, Illustrator
A Colorado native who always loves a snowy day, Erica grew up with a pencil in her hand and drew and to her heart’s content. Art has played a major part in her life. Her current focus involves carving lots of wood blocks for printmaking. Her work can be found in both private and public collections, nationally and internationally. Erica lives and plays in Valdez, Alaska with her husband and youngest son, where outdoor winter searches for snowmen keeps them busy in the dark months.