10-31-2020 Snowmen Sighting Brings Researchers to Washington’s Selkirk Mountains!

In glacier cracking news, world renowned snowman researcher, Lucy Sluff (PhD Neveology) has been dispatched by the University of Chugach in Sapphire, Alaska to the Selkirk Mountains in northeastern Washington State. One anecdotal sighting and several tripped trail cams during a recent snowstorm indicate that the snowmen may be in the area for the first time in two-hundred years. November through December is migration season for snowmen according to Sluff, one of the few humans to have seen a snowman. “It’s looking like a cold and snowy winter,” said Sluff.

Sluff was packing for Alaska when she got the news. “This is so exciting. I’m gathering my team of researchers for a winter of searching for snowmen.”  Dr. Francis Facette, who specializes in forest biology has already signed on and is arriving in Seattle from Chamonix, France later this week with the first snowman search dog. “Snowflake loved sneaking through snow and pointing out our dummy snowmen in field trials, so we are anxious to see how he performs.”  Facette relayed in an interview this morning, 

Sapphire Press has been given exclusive rights to the field dispatches for the public and will be giving weekly updates. The area of research is super secret and Dr. Sluff asks the public to be extra quiet wandering the woods this winter.